Frequently Asked Questions

The management at Principal takes hands-on approach to every project. Our team will utilize its leading edge skills in planning/monitoring, contract and construction management. We will make the best use of resources and our reporting system will be formatted according to the specific requirements of the clients.
We are fully aware of and committed to the issues regarding Quality, Safety and Environment. The same is also evidenced from the fact that we are geared up to achieve ISO compliance status by next year. To date we have an excellent safety record. Many of our multinational clients include giants like Unilever Pakistan and ICI. We are proud to have been acknowledged of our safe practices on the projects entrusted on us. As for quality, we have an impressive list of satisfied clients.
Our computer based scheduling and cost control systems ensure project completion on time and on budget.
We enjoy excellent relationships with some of the leading financial institutions of the country.
Due to large number of construction related procurement we enjoy a very strong purchasing power. As experienced builders we can implement cost-effective construction techniques.
We are capable of and open to any established and recognized arrangement suitable for our clients, which depending upon the situation include, “lump-sum”, “unit price” or a “cost plus” contract. We can also offer “guaranteed maximum price” in case of Turnkey Projects. If requested, we would be pleased to advise our clients to adopt a certain type of contract as found suitable in the given situation.
All of our potential clients are welcomed to see the list of projects we have completed. Most likely their project will fall in one of the categories mentioned therein. Our database regarding costs, resources and other aspects of projects is highly instrumental in developing realistic budgets and bills. Our clients benefiting from our experience can therefore make their decisions pertaining to project completion timings, cash flow, procurement order placing and more importantly, the decisions pertaining to their operations with a high level of confidence.